Public Transit Notifier


The Cobblestone Bar in Cincinnati, OH sits right on the line of the streetcar. They wanted some way to notify their customers that the streetcar was on it’s way downtown (toward Reds stadium) and they can close out and grab it. In this way they could show their connectedness to the City.

To accomplish this, it we decided to have a mini-computer query the public transit API, and when the Streetcar is 6 minutes away from the Washington Park stop, turn the light blue.


The hardware involved includes a mini-computer, the Hue Bridge, and 2 Hue lights


The software is a monitoring system, and a way to change settings like light colors (change them green for St. Patrick’s day, or to differentiate between inbound and outbound lights).

status tab
settings tab


Here it is in action, turning back to white since the streetcar has arrived at the stop