Silliness Mattress: August 5, 2019

Your daily Monday reminder that silliness mattress, guys. For August 5, 2019.

Kids in the Hall: Try it Now

The dang car won’t start for some reason. With Scott Thompson and Kevin McDonald.

Bob Odenkirk pitches a movie to himself

Bob Odenkirk at his finest, before Breaking Bad. The utter contempt for showbiz is priceless.

Bob Odenkirk Collection: Super Deluxe Classics

Bob Odenkirk pitches a movie.

Posted by Super Deluxe on Saturday, February 6, 2016

Denise the Dancer Made You a Sandwich

A bit by the hilarious Emmy Blotnick.

From Waterford Whispers News in Ireland

Read about total fucking dose Derek Whilan.

something from Cheesegod


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